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LED Bar Ends
Often I am told if it's not broken, don't fix it. I have been known to get into trouble when I begin messing with things.My natural curiosity and low attention span often lead me down the path best traveled by those with greater abilities than mine.

Not so with these LED Bar Ends. Installation was quite simple. The only hard part was deciding if I should disturb the fragile and unforgiving wiring that makes up the Brutale's nervous system.

Being a member of an MV Agusta Newsgroup, I was tipped off about this new site that specifically deals with MV Agusta's. I logged on one night and found the website. I wish I could afford the good stuff, but my finances are not on steroids, so I am limited to what I can buy.

I was however able to afford the LED Bar Ends. At first I was thinking they would make great turn signals,but now I am thinking of wiring them to make Running Lights.

Installing these Bar Ends requires you to drill a hole in the handle bar. I as of yet have not drilled a hole, because I want to make sure no pre-existing one is available.

It's no big deal if you have to drill a hole, lots of bikes have holes in the handle bars. Just do it in a spot where water won't enter and use a rubber grommet.

Go slow and be patient. Make sure you disconnect your battery. You will also need some electrical tape and a small but sturdy wire such as bailing wire or something similar to pull the Bar End wires through the handle bar and out the hole you have drilled.

I am contemplating installing a switch and fuse and going right to the battery so I don't have to splice my wiring harness in any way. This way I can also have the lights off in bright sunlight.

Just take your time, it is easier than you think.

Why The Change?

It's is hard to tell from the thumbnail, but my OEM Bar Ends were starting to rust.

A $21,000 motorcycle should not show signs of rust, plain and simple.

Also since I do a lot of my riding very early in the morning, I need all the sleepy drivers next to me to see me as much as possible.

Installation difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10 is maybe a 3 on installing the Indicator, but the wiring is a little more difficult.

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